Lio de Bruin
My name is Lio de Bruin, I am a design professional based in Rotterdam (NL). 
In my work I focus on my love for textiles, patterns and hand made work. My passion and drive lies in intuitively exploring new forms of craft, handmade, graphic, rich in material and color. Where traditional methods meet innovative and contemporary outcomes.
With my vision on material research and concept design for the interior I aim to inspire others around me. Companies, manufacturers and designers alike.
Design Academy Eindhoven
Department Man & Identity
Koning Willem 1 College
Vooropleiding Art & Design
Artez Hogeschool voor de Kunsten 
Freelance Designer 2013 – now
Karpeta, 2017
Studio Harm Rensink, 2013-2015, Amsterdam
Stijlinstituut Amsterdam, 2015
Craftscurator, Amsterdam, 2014-2017
Studio ijm, Amsterdam, 2014-2016
Common Methods, 2014, Cape Town
Projects with
Oh Studio, a collaboration between Roos Gomperts, Brit van Nerven & Lio de Bruin
Slashzine, 2016, Rotterdam
Stijlinstituut, Trendforum for Heimtextil, 2015, Frankfurt
Design Afrika, 2014, Cape Town
Ecco Leather, 2012, Dongen
Textile Museum Tilburg, 2011, Tilburg
Raw-edges Design Studio, 2011, London
- Club Gem, Rotterdam, June – July 2016
—– Leather Needlework, Fringes
- Design uit het land van de aardappeleters, Het Noordbrabants Museum, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, 23 January-26 April 2015
—– Leather Needlework, the Color Block
- Dee-Dee-Wee-Doom-Pa-Di-Dee, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, 2014
—– Tote Bag, Typha Carpet
- Common Methods, Cape Town, 2014
—– Tote Bag, Pencil Case, Floorcarpets
- Design Kwartier, The Hague, 2014
—– Lang Leve Het Strand
- DieZijn, DDW, Eindhoven 2013
—– Leather Needlework
- Inside Design, Amsterdam, 2013
—– Leather Needlework + Leather Needlework Colorblocks
- Depot Basel, Basel, 2013
—– Leather Needlework + Leather Needlework Colorblocks
- De Invasie, Antwerp, 2013
—– Leather Needlework
- OBJECT, Rotterdam, 2013
—– Leather Needlework
- Yksi Expo, New generation, Eindhoven, 2013
—– Leather Needlework
- Graduation Show Design Academy, Eindhoven, 2012
—– Leather Needlework
—– Paper Goat
- This Way, Design Academy Eindhoven, Milano, 2011
—– Paper Goat
- Dutchness, Design Academy Eindhoven, Milano, 2009
—– Plaster Stages made during workshop of Rien Derks