Material & Textile design


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I am a material designer with a focus on textiles, inspired by traditional methods of craftsmanship. 

With an intuitive approach I play with different techniques, colors and materials. I try to push boundaries and explore the possibilities of techniques.
The products which I design are rich in texture and pattern. 

I get enthusiastic by creating materials which enrich our surroundings. With my vision on material research and concept design I aim to inspire others around me.

I collaborate with design brands and work in commission. 



Premium Bohemian, Gallery Untitled, Rotterdam Feb - April 2019
The Commune Exhibition, Art Rotterdam, Feb 2019
How & Wow - Studio, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, 20-28 Oct 2018
Here and There, Bangkok, 2018
Dark Arts and Crafts, San Francisco, 2017
Karpeta + Texturae, Milano, 2017
Club Gem, Rotterdam, 2016
Design uit het land van de aardappeleters, Noord Brabants Museum, ‘s-Hertogenbosch, 2015 Dee-Dee-Wee-Doom-Pa-Di-Dee, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, 2014
Common Methods, Kaapstad, 2014
Design Kwartier, Den Haag, 2014
DieZijn, Dutch Design Week Eindhoven, 2013
Inside Design Amsterdam, 2013
Depot Basel, Basel, 2013
De Invasie, Antwerp, 2013
OBJECT, Rotterdam, 2013
Yksi Expo, New Generation, Eindhoven
Graduation Show Design Academy Eindhoven, 2012
EAT DRINK DESIGN, Eindhoven, 2013
This Way, Design Academy Eindhoven, Milaan, 2011
Dutchness, Design Academy Eindhoven, Milaan, 2009