Material & Textile design


Handwoven rugs in production by Italian brand Karpeta



Rugs for Karpeta

Pile, is a handwoven rug, rich in structures because of the interplay of four simple different weaves. The two contrasting colours creates a playful and subtle graphic outcome.

Another one is Pompon, by playing with the different heights of the tufted loops, we created pompons in the rug which makes this surface tactile and graphic. Currently we’re finishing the coloring. Pictures coming soon.

The art director of Karpeta, Chiara Andreatti, approached me to design rugs for the new collection 2018 of Karpeta. This collection is released during Salone del Mobile in Milano 2017. 

I aimed to amplify the quality of the yarns and technique by playing with different textures and colours. Inspired by fashion and traditional methods of craftsmanship, I experiment to achieve innovative and contemporary outcomes. 

Photography by Adrianna Glaviano

Concept and Location by Anticamera Location